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Bowers Heat & Air, Inc. has provided this tool to help you, the consumer, gain some leverage while you shop for your heat pump or air conditioning system.  Of course these prices cannot take into account any unforeseen issues.  They will however include normal required items in regards to a system replacement.

Many companies list “starting at” when they quote online or ad pricing which means the sky is the limit.  Bowers Heat & Air, Inc. will provide you our pricing with a “not more than” or “average” price.

If you feel the price we provide is reasonable we will still require performing a free in home estimate to collect more job details (i.e. will the new system air handler fit in the current space, a duct inspection etc.).

We trust you will keep your estimate confidential with regards to our competitors.  You may find we are not the least expensive but please remember to compare pricing carefully.  

When it comes to air conditioning systems, are you comparing apples to apples?  When purchasing a car, we all know that there are car brands that may be more reliable than others.  The same is true for heating and air conditioning systems.  But remember there is not one manufacturer who can claim to have never sold a “lemon”.   

So what happens if you are sold a “lemon”?  Well, then you hope you have a contractor who will step up to the plate and make things right…. and that contractor hopes that the manufacturer of the system steps up to the plate as well.

After you have received other estimates be sure to compare the following carefully:

  • Brand

  • Heat Pump or Air Conditioner (Air Conditioners are generally a Little Less Expensive)

  • Size or Tonnage Quoted on Estimate

  • SEER Rating

At this point, we have not found another company in our area that has taken such a step or been so transparent in helping to protect consumers. If you have any questions, please call our office we will be glad to help.
The Team at Bowers Heat & Air, Inc.

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